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Anna university Engineering Counselling 2012 Rank list

  • After the assigning of Random numbers in 25/06/2012, Rank list for TNEA 2012 will be published today 30th June 2012 expected @ Morning 9.45AM as per the official announcement by the Anna university
  • TNEA 2012 rank list can be checked by using your application number in our website http://learnlego.blogspot.com after the announcement of Anna university, so keep watching our website


Enter Application Number:  

Date of Birth:  

(eg. 28.07.1994)


  • The application number is very very important to check your Rank list
  • The application number will be printed on all your forms letters etc.. Just note down somewhere 
  • The application number will be in the format of  "xxxxxx 6 digits" 
You will be having lots of question regarding Rank list, like

Why they are using Rank List??
What is the use of Rank List??

Answer for both the above questions
  • The whole engineering counselling is based on this Rank list only
  • According to your Rank only you will be called for the engineering counselling

Is the Rank List is very important??
  • Yes Rank list is very important because according to Rank list only the date and time for your counselling will be given to you and will be send as CALL LETTER
What they will do with this Rank list??

  • They will call the each candidate for the counselling, according to the Rank list, 
  • So we can keep the Rank as for assigning dates to the candidates for counselling

How they are assigning Rank list to the candidates??
How they are calculating this Rank list??
Answer for both the above two question
  • Actually the Rank list will be calculated based on your cut-off marks.
  • If you do no how to calculate cut-off marks, Click here:How to calculate cut-off marks
  • Surely the cut-off marks will matches for more than 100's of students
  • At this situation they will 1st give the preference to the subject Mathematics
  • If the Subject Mathematics also matches the same
  • Then the 2nd preference will be to the subject Physics
  • If the Physics Marks also matches the same
  • Then the 3rd Preference will be Chemistry
  • If the Chemistry Marks also matches the same
  • Then the 4th optional subject (i.e.) Biology or Computer Science will be taken into consideration
  • But in some cases if fourth optional subject is also matches, if it is have a same mark then they will give preference to the DATE OF BIRTH(DOB)
  • Those who birth earlier will be taken into consideration
  • If the Date of Birth is also matches the same then the highest random number will be taken into consideration
  • If you do no what is Random Number, Click Here:What is Random Number
  • So according to the highest Random number only The Rank List will be assigned to candidates.
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  2. There is any preference for the students who is appearing first to the counselling to the university?

  3. tnea 2013 rank list will be published today


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