Engineering counselling 2012 Assigning Random Number

  • Anna university engineering counselling assigning of random number is going to be publish the random number result on 20th June 2012 as per the official announcement made by the anna university
  • After that on June 24th 2012 the rank list for the TNEA 2012 is also going to be published by the Anna university

  • Let me explain you what is the use of the Random number
  • You will be having lots of questions like

Why they are using Random numbers??
What is the use of Random numbers??
Why they are calculating this Random number??
For all these above three question the answer is

  • The rank list will be calculated in the basis of your cutoff marks, if you do no what is Rank List Click Here:What is Rank List?? , if you do no how to calculate cut-off marks click here:How to Calculate cut-off marks?? Surely there will more than 1000′s of students with the same cut-off marks
  • At this situation they will 1st give the preference to the subject Mathematics
  • If the Subject Mathematics also matches the same
  • Then the 2nd preference will be to the subject Physics
  • If the Physics Marks also matches the same
  • Then the 3rd Preference will be Chemistry
  • If the Chemistry Marks also matches the same
  • Then the 4th optional subject (i.e.) Biology or Computer Science will be taken into consideration
  • But in some cases if fourth optional subject is also matches, if it is have a same mark then they will give preference to the DATE OF BIRTH(DOB)
  • Those who birth earlier will be taken into consideration
  • If the Date of Birth is also matches the same then the highest random number will be taken into consideration
  • The random number is something in the format of   “xxxxxxxxxx 10 digits”
  • So to check the Random number you need to have your application number if you missed it means you cant check your Random number
  • The application number will be printed on all your forms letters etc.. Just note down somewhere 
  • The application number will be in the format of xxxxxx 06 digits”

SEE THE EXAMPLE BELOW Name Maths Phy Chem Cutoff Bio/Comp DOB
1. Balu 200 199 198 199.25 197 01/01/1993
2. Raju 200 199 198 199.25 197 01/01/1993
3. Babu 200 199 198 199.25 197 05/02/1993
4. Abdul 200 198 199 199.25 195 08/03/1993
5. John 200 196 198 198.50 198 10/04/1994
5. David 200 197 195 198 192 21/06/1993

  • According to above example all the candidates have got same mark 200 in mathematics
  • So the 2nd preference is physics on that Balu, Raju, Babu having same marks
  • So they will take third preference chemistry on that also Balu, Raju, Babu having same marks
  • So the 4th optional subject marks is considered on that also Balu, Raju, Babu having same marks
  • So they will give preference to DOB on that Balu, Raju is senior than others but here also Balu, Raju  same Date of Birth
  • At last according to random number the Balu has the highest random number, so the Balu will be given the highest priority and given as first

What they will do with this Random Number??

  • They will use the Random numbers to calculate the Rank list

How they are calculating this Random number??

  • Actually the Random numbers will be calculated by the computers
  • The computers will automatically generate randomly some numbers to those who applied for counselling
  • The Random numbers are not assigned manually by the staffs of the Anna university
  • We cant give any reason for assigning Random numbers for each applicants
Is the Random number is very important??
  • The random is not much important any way you note-down this number in some cases we can use it

If you have any doubts or if you need any help just comment it below

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