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Anna University | How to Check the Internal Marks, Exam Schedule and Results

In All the Engineering Colleges The subject staff would not say the Internal Marks To the Students,  Until the Result announced the Students are unaware of their Internal mark.

         Anna university will announces the Internal Mark with the External mark obtained by the Student, Through this the Students has no way to find his Internal Mark separately, the result will be announced by combining the External Mark and Internal Mark that also looks like S Grade, A Grade, B Grade, etc.

         But now To overcome the Struggle faced by the Students, Anna University has made easy to view their Internal Mark before the Result appears or announced, Anyone can check their Internal Mark, The only criteria is they must know the Register Number.

General Doubts Regarding Internal Mark

How Internal Mark is Calculated?
        The Internal Mark will be out of 100 in the portal and you have to convert it into 20 Mark, thus it is done by dividing the Mark obtained out of 100 by 5 then you will get your Internal Mark.

How Internal Mark are added with External mark?
        Generally, you will be writing the External Exams for 100 Marks and Internal Exams for 100 marks 
  • Your External mark 100 will be converted to 80,
  • your Internal Mark 100 will be converted to 20,
  • Total = External Mark + Internal Mark.
How many Marks Needed to get pass Mark?
  • 14 is The minimum Internal Mark, 
  • If the student got 14 as his Internal Mark then he need to obtain 36/80 in the External Exam, and thus 14 + 36 = 50/100 
  • If the student got 11 as his Internal Mark then he need to obtain 39/80 in the External Exam, and thus 11 + 39 = 50/100 
How To Check Your Internal Mark?
        1.) Go to the following Link  coe1.annauniv.edu

        2.) Login With your Register Number
        3.) After Logging in Successfully There you will be looking 4 tabs in that Click Internal Mark Tab

        4.) There you can see your Internal Mark out of 100 and so you can convert it in to 20 by dividing it by 5

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